Mafumafu – Handicap English vers. (short)

まふまふ – Handicap.

English translyric by: me
Original song by: Mafumafu

I’m sorry if I made any mistake(s) here. Feel free to tell me if you find it.


Being thrown away once again, I ended up covered in a dust
Keep on trying to patch it up, my broken self can’t be repaired

I can see, the cloudy sky above me is as gloomy as yesterday
Its colour is the same as my happiness, with no sign of light, it’s sad

Do I even have a name?
Does the sky has any colour beside gray?
What’s the meaning of ‘human should help each other’? I don’t know
Now I know this rope around my neck will never leave
I no longer know how to make a sincere smile, I don’t know

Look over there, and over here
My broken self is shattering, tear it apart, I can feel it, it-
It hurts so much
I’m sick of my imperfect self, this handicap is killing me
Would you please scold and give me (an) attention I deserve?


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