Kagamine Len – True Love Restraint / Junai Restraint English (vers) singable lyric

I have an uncontrollable urge to make an english version of this song lmao nothing’s better than a cute yandere song

True Love Restraint / Junai Restraint English singable lyric.

Vocal: Kagamine Len.
English translyric by: me (´ v ` *)

Feel free to use this lyric but please credit me as ‘trashora’. Woof!


I have this uncontrollable urge
I want to keep you all to myself
You know that I won’t let anyone steal you away from me

Come on, tell me, what’s your biggest wish?
To be, loved by, me only me, right?
I should, be one, and the only one, for you, you know that

And then

Your pretty, innocent lips. Should I gently rip them apart for you now?
So you can never kiss anyone but me only me oh

Hurry up and tell me who are you in love with? You have no right to lie to me so now answer me
It’s me, okay? It’s me, only me, right?
Because there’s no way you could love anyone else but me

Why can’t you tell me? Don’t you dare to tell lies
Do you have any other guy in your life beside me?
I know! There’s no one else for you but me, that’s right
So now go ahead and tell me that you will love only me, ‘kay?

And now, who are you looking at?
You can’t look at anyone else but me
Just look at me, and love only me
And I’ll do the same for you

Well then

Should I gouge those bright eyes out?
It’s alright if you can’t see anything else now
Because the picture of me in your heart is more than enough for you

Hey, come on just tell me! Don’t you dare tell me lies
Who is your one and only true love in your life?
It’s me, okay? It’s me, must be me, right?
You know that you can’t be with anyone else but me

Why do you keep silent? Do you have any doubt?
If there’s someone who’s in the way and try to tell you lies…
I will
I will
I will
Removed them all for you
And then you can tell me everything about your true feelings, ‘kay?

If I can’t have you now, then no one else will
Let’s be together until the day we die, okay?
Don’t run away, everything’s just begin!
Now come to me, come here!

I wonder if I take your soul and your heart right now
I would be happier than I ever before, who knows?
I know.. That’s right.. I will do that right here, you see
Because I love you more than anyone else, you know that it’s the- truth.


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